3D one of a kind WEEN Troutdale 2022 poster

This is a brand NEW 3D version of my Ween at The Edgefield in Troutdale poster from 2022. This is a new take on my Alice in Wonderland theme for the band. This time the Queen of Hearts has turned the Caterpillar back into a regular insect and taken his hookah.


My long time friend, Mike Braack, has the skill of a surgeon and the mind of a madman! He's taken 4 actual screen printed posters and cut them apart with an X-acto blade with great precision and reassembled them on foamcore, layering them meticulously one on top of one another creating an original 3D presentation. The final piece is framed in a shadow box measuring 22"x 28". It is signed by both of us. Sound crazy? It is! He's created a couple dozen of these for me over the last two decades. They are one of a kind items that are only created once for any single image of mine, they are all a true #1/1. These items are in select homes all around the world. One collector in Australia owns three of them!

If you're in Seattle you can stop into the Sleight of Hand wine tasting room in Sodo and view this in person this coming Wednesday, May 29th! It could be yours!

Only one available, ever!

See video of 3D poster here!