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'Visual Feast' Sneak Peak Preview

As an Email Subscriber, you are getting your own exclusive sneak peak at the items that will be available on my upcoming Kickstarter for my retrospective book, Visual Feast!


Visual Feast Hardbound Coffee Table Edition book

This will contain all of the posters I've ever designed including sketches, behind the scenes photos, stories about creating them and working with various bands. Bands included are Soundgarden, QOTSA, Motörhead, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Mark Lanegan, Nick Cave, Radiohead, NIN and countless others. This will also have ALL of my illustration work over the years, including works for RollingStone, Spin, Village Voice, Vibe, Guitar World, Sports Illustrated and many more. This is THE definitive retrospective book of my work.

This is a 400 page hardbound, large, 11"x 14" book (the size of 'The Art of Modern Rock').  Each copy will come with a slipcase. 

There will be three different editions of the book. 

* The main edition for $100

* A limited signed & numbered edition of 1000 copies that includes a mini- print for $150

* A very limited signed & numbered Deluxe Edition of only 50 copies that includes a mini- print and a personal hand drawn sketch in the book and your name in the credits of the book for $300



Free 'PJ Love' poster for the 1st 100 buyers of any version of the book

As many of you know, I was commissioned by Pearl Jam in 2011 to create the official event poster for the Pearl Jam 20th anniversary show (PJ20) at Alpine Ridge in Wisconsin.

Jeff Ament(of PJ) really liked my poster from the previous year for their 2010 gig in Hartford that was a Norman Rockwell homage and wanted to have something along those lines for the big concert they were hosting. He specifically wanted a Rockwell-esque birthday scene of all of the band members as kids. After very little thought, it seemed like a no-brainer to create a riff on Rockwell’s ‘Freedom of Want’ painting for the Saturday Evening Post in 1943. Jeff loved the idea and I was off to the races with it. As part of designing the poster I knew that I was getting my own variant edition of the poster separate from the bands edition that they were going to sell at the PJ20 event. I knew that I wanted to come up with something to distinguish my copies from the bands copies so I came up with an idea to add glow in the dark ink to my edition. The bands name glows as well as all of the faces. In addition, I added an outer border treatment as well as hidden images of Norman Rockwell & myself peeking out from the border that only appears when the lights go out. In my mind this made the poster a fictional pseudo-collaboration piece of sorts.

Flash forward to now in 2022 with the release of my retrospective book and I have now pulled those images including the border treatment out of the archives, added more colors & have made an art print of them. This is now an addendum poster to go along with your PJ20 poster! I call this ‘PJ Love’. It’s designed in the style & color scheme of a poker card. It’s the luckiest card of all! In fact, this free print will go to the very first 100 buyers of the book as a big thank you for all of the support over the years from my collector base.

The poster is a 4 color design with a silver metallic ink mixed in the blue ink. The print measures 18"x24" & is embossed, signed & numbered in a limited edition of only 100 copies.


Nirvana at the Hub Ballroom 1990 poster

As some of you may know my very first gig poster ever was for a relatively unknown band from the Northwest at the time called Nirvana on the end of their tour for their 1st album, Bleach.  The simple black and white flyer that I created for an art class was mostly typography with a pair of eyes that I illustrated.  That original flyer only went up on a handful of telephone poles as I felt like putting up myself in a few locations just to see how they looked.  I went to the show that it was created for and wasn’t the only visual creative in attendance. World famous Seattle photographer, Charles Peterson, was there capturing the show on old school silver gelatin film.  Among the photos that he captured was a shot of a concertgoer taking a leap high off of large speaker stacks onto the crowd below the stage.  That photo would later become used by TAD on the back cover of the album ‘Salt Lick’ and went on to become one of the most iconic photos from that era.  As I began putting together this retrospective book an idea kept flashing in my mind but I had no idea if it was possible.  In 2020 I finally worked up the nerve and reached out to Charles Peterson and ran my concept past. I pitched the idea of merging my flyer with his famous photograph to make a limited edition screen printed poster as a collaborative effort.  To my great surprise he said yes!  I then undertook to the task of trying my best to merge the two visuals together like an old school DIY screen printed poster that could look like it was from the era.  I'm very pleased with the result and very thankful Charles indulged my desire to bring this new version of two vintage images into something new! 

Each copy of this 3 color screen print is signed by Charles Peterson and I.  To give homage to his silver gelatin photographs a silver metallic ink was added to the blue ink to give the poster a slight glisten.  This is a signed, numbered & embossed edition of only 100 copies.  The poster meaures 18"x 24".  They are $75 each. 

Nirvana at the Hub Ballroom 1990 variant poster

This is a variant edition on Stardream silver metallic flaked paper.  Each copy of this 3 color screen print is signed by Charles Peterson and I.  This is a signed, numbered & embossed edition of only 30 copies.  The poster meaures 18"x 24".  They are $150 each.  



Visual Feast screenprinted poster

This is a large 24"x 36" screen printed poster. It's a ten color print signed, numbered and embossed edition of 100 copies.  You can see the detail in all of it's glorious grandeur on this large print!  $50



Visual Feast screenprinted swirl foil variant

This is a large 24"x 36" screen printed variant on holographic swirl foil paper. This is an alternate color way with dark purple ink in place of black.  A ten color print signed, numbered and embossed edition of 30 copies.  $100


Hampton Sticker Set

An exclusive Hampton sticker set will be offered as part of this Kickstarter. The set includes 5 die cut vinyl stickers that meaure 5"x7".  $25 for the set. 


Free Sticker included for the first 48 hours!

An exclusive FREE Hampton sticker will be part of this Kickstarter. This die cut vinyl stickers that meaure 5"x7" is free for all orders for the first 48 hours of the Kickstarter launch.

The Visual Feast Kickstarter goes live Tuesday, May 17th at 9am PST/ 12 Noon EST. 

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